Solar Battery Install in Bowring Park.

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How does a solar battery storage system work?

A battery storage system diverts the solar PV electricity to charge a battery when the PV system is using less than it is generating. This will continue until either the batteries are full, or you start using more electricity than you are generating. At that point, the batteries will begin using the stored electricity.

Batteries store electricity as Direct Current (DC). To make the power useful, it needs to be converted to Alternating Current (AC) by using an inverter. 

The inverter sends AC electricity to your main distribution board to power the appliances in your home. 

battery storage from solar

Make use of your solar energy system!

A solar battery storage installation is a great way to harness the energy generated by your solar panels. These panels feed the solar batteries fitted in your property during the day and release it when your property needs it.

A solar battery install could save you money on rising bills, McNally Renewables install quality, high performance solar batteries in Bowring Park. For help and expert advice contact us today!

Smart Product Range

Our range of solar battery systems even allow you to draw power from the grid at off peak times, to store and to use at more costly peak periods. This can save you money every year simply by switching to a suitable Economy 7/10 or similar tariff.

Store green energy

Helps Cut Bills

Become independent from the grid

Reduce your carbon footprint

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